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Leading Supplier and Fabricator

of all metal roofing and cladding products

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Double Falz Seamer

$3,312.80 + gst



Metal Master Double Falz Seamer (0600)

Technical information:

  • Weight: 5.3kg


  •  30 m / min
  •  100 m² / 7 min


  • Stainless Steel: 0.5mm
  • Steel: 0.7mm
  • Copper, Zinc & Aluminum: 0.8mm

We recommend using a cordless drill with a torque of 80 Nm and more.



The DOUBLE FALZ SEAMER is the perfect hand-held equipment for perfect and effortless seaming of single and double standing-seam in one operation.

The DOUBLE FALZ SEAMER is used for seaming of the single and double standing seam on profile and is suitable for several materials – Stainless steel, steel, Aluminum, Copper, and Zinc.


  • You can use the double and single standing seam operations separately
  • Possible to start the seaming process from the beginning of the metal profile without using seaming folders
  • The seaming process is easy to overview because of open type housing
  • Operates with cordless drill starting from 80 Nm
  • Starting from 25 mm any seaming height is usable without additional height adjustment
  • The fastest seaming machine in the world – up to 30 m / min
  • Seaming rolls are 60 mm for flatter seaming process to avoid metal stretching
  • Attachable and Detachable at any place on the metal seaming profile
  • Usable with a cordless drill
  • Lightweight
  • The tools are placed inside the Military-grade cases with safety foam.
  • Lightest and fastest tool in the world for doing single and double standing-seam in one operationIf it’s necessary only to do single-stage, you need to unscrew the fourth (4) and fifth (5) roll and you can start seaming!when you unscrew the rollers you will see that the fourth (4) roll is marked with gold and the fifth (5) roll is marked with red engravement