Cassette system is suitable for horizontal or vertical application on low to high rise buildings, for both new and refurbishment projects. The cassettes are bent and fixed with invisible clips to top hats. The Cassette system offers an innovative façade solution that provides a modern and flat appearance. Cassette uses sheet metal to create a cost effective alternative to composite cladding. The system is commonly specified when designs demand larger than normal panel lengths and/or widths.


Establishing the positioning of the framework elements is very important for the cassette system. Exact measurements and quantity of cassettes (centre to centre height and length and the width of the joint) is required when doing the framework. The typical panels have an up-stand at the top which is fixed to the framework with special clips and another up stand at the bottom which locates into the clips on the preceding panel. The horizontal and vertical recessed joint standard dimension is 20 mm wide. Where panels are longer than 1.5m horizontally the fixing need to be slotted to allow for expansion.


We work closely with architects during the design stages to share our expertise on installation and technical details. From traditional to contemporary applications, our aluminium, zinc and copper roofing and cladding solutions are specified based on their durable, sustainable and virtually maintenance-free nature that need to withstand the elements and protect those within. Being corrosion resistant, non-combustible, architecturally appealing, their outstanding list of benefits just can’t be beaten.