Nailstrip’s contemporary profile is well suited to modern architectural developments. Similar in appearance to Standing Seam and Snaplock, Nailstrip’s simplified installation method doesn’t require specialist tools – making it a popular alternative for installers and builders who don’t have access to Standing Seam seam closing equipment. Nailstrip panels are designed to “snap” together, offering low fuss installation.


No clips are required for the Nailstrip system. The pan widths can be customised if required using our state of the art manufacturing equipment. Nailstrip is available in 25mm raised seam and 38mm raised seam.

The Nailstrip profile can be secured directly over plywood or may be used to span over timber or steel battens. Nailstrip pans are turned up at the ridge and down into gutters, particularly at low pitches when used in roofing applications.

Oil canning can be reduced by adding an ENKAMAT mesh over waterproofing membrane. This will help to allow any condensation to pass through and dry out.


We work closely with architects during the design stages to share our expertise on installation and technical details. From traditional to contemporary applications, our aluminium, zinc and copper roofing and cladding solutions are specified based on their durable, sustainable and virtually maintenance-free nature that need to withstand the elements and protect those within. Being corrosion resistant, non-combustible, architecturally appealing, their outstanding list of benefits just can’t be beaten.