All it takes is 45 minutes and you’ll know why Tyvek HomeWrap is a better way to go whenever you insulate walls with batts. You can cover from floor to ceiling (now even higher ones) in one pass. You can also go right over window and door openings, leaving them protected until you come back later.

And it’s light. Yet it’s super tough, and cuts clean and easy with a sharp knife.

The weatherproof strength of Tyvek HomeWrap means you can leave the job (even if the brickies aren’t due for weeks) and get on to other jobs at other sites. This adds up to more control over your time – and more cash.

The strength and ability of Tyvek HomeWrap make it an ideal material when you’re insulating walls with batts. Tyvek not only keeps the batts in place but also dry during construction. Then, because Tyvek “breathes”, it reduces the risk of moisture build-up due to condensation. As a result, batts stay dry and retain their insulation efficiency.

Tyvek HomeWrap comes in 30 meter rolls in both the 2743mm and 3048mm widths.